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The Assembly is the ultimate decision-making organ of the Department. The Assembly comprises faculty members (professors), the Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson the Directors of the Department’s Sections, one one representative of the Research and Teaching Staff and one representative of the Administrative and Technical Staff and six representatives of the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Assembly:

a) Determines the general educational and research policy of the Department and the strategies of its development, always within the general framework of the guidelines set by the University and the School of Sciences.

b) Supervises the implementation of the curriculum, assigns teaching duties approves textbooks and issues degrees and certificates of study.

c) Negotiates with the Deanship of the School of Sciences, the organization of common curricula/studies between the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment and other Departments of the NKUA.

d) Supervises the internal evaluation/accreditationof the Department.

e) Initializes the process of creating/filling new staff positions and ensures due observance of the competent legislation and regulations during the process.

f) Establishes committees and boards to study/handle the affairs and activities of the Department and decides upon their recommendations.