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The Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are elected by the complement of the teaching, research, technical and administrative staff of the Department of a two-year terms. The Chairperson:

a) Supervises the proper functioning of the Department and ensures the observance of the competent laws and regulations.

b) Drafts the agenda of the Assembly, convenes and presides over the Assembly, appoints rapporteurs and ensures the implementation of the Assembly’s resolutions.

c) Drafts the agenda, convenes and presides over the Governing Board and ensures the implementation of its resolutions.

d) Ensures the proper implementation of study programs and pertinent educational activities.

e) Establishes committees and boards to study and handle the affairs and activities of the Department.

f) Liaises the resolutions and decisions of the Assembly to the competent organs of the NKUA.

g) Is responsible for keeping the record of scientific activity and publications of the Department.

h) Represents the Department in the Senate and liaises the deliberations and decisions of the Senate to the Department.

The Deputy Chairperson assumes the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson in the event of his/her absence or impediment. If the Chairperson resigns or expires before the end of his term, the Deputy Chairperson assumes their duties until the end of the term.

NameCompetencePhone Nre-mail
Prof. Assimina AntonarakouChairperson+30 210 727
Assoc. Prof. Ioannis Alexopoulos Deputy Chairperson+30 210 727


Academic YearsChairpersonDeputy Chairperson
1982-1985Ioannis DrakopoulosKonstantinos Sideris
1985-1987Ioannis DrakopoulosKonstantinos Sideris
1987-1989Ioannis DrakopoulosAthina Zamani
1989-1991Grigorios - Dimitrios MarakisNikolaos Symenonidis
1991-1993Stylianos SkounakisMichail Dermitzakis
1993-1995Stylianos SkounakisKonstantinos Sideris
1995-1997Konstantinos SiderisKonstantinos Makropoulos
1997-1999Konstantinos SiderisKonstantinos Makropoulos
1999-2001Konstantinos MakropoulosEvaggelos Velitzelos
2001-2003Konstantinos MakropoulosEvaggelos Velitzelos
2003-2005Evaggelos VelitzelosAkindynos Kelepertzis
2005-2007Emmanouil BaltatzisGeorgios Stournaras
2007-2009Emmanouil BaltatzisMichail Stamatakis
2009-2011Michail StamatakisApostolos Alexopoulos
2011-2013Michail StamatakisNikolaos Voulgaris
2013-2017Nikolaos VoulgarisMichail Stamatakis
2017-2020Efthymios LekkasAssimina Antonarakou
2020-2022Efthymios LekkasAssimina Antonarakou