All students are entitled to sustenance at the Campus Refectory, which operates in the premises of the School of Philosophy, at approximately  10  minutes  walking  distance  from  the Department. Sustenance is provided at special low prices. The Refectory is open daily, between 12:00 – 16:00 and 18:‐21:00, except for a 15‐day break during the Christmas and Easter holidays respectively. Students are also entitled to special low‐ price sustenance at all the Refectories of the University and at the University Club.

Students who meet the requirements of the Law with respect to family income are entitled to free sustenance up to their graduation,  or  up  to  a  total  of  6  academic  years,  whichever comes first. For students who are entitled to the benefit and decide to suspend their studies, the right to free sustenance is accordingly suspended; it is reinstated once they re‐matriculate and resume their studies, subject to the 6‐year limitation.