All students are entitled to comprehensive and free health and medical care up to their graduation, or up to a total of 6 years, whichever comes first. Health care is provided at the numerous facilities of the University and at the clinics and hospitals of the School of Medicine. It includes in or out of hospital care, all types of medical tests, medication, child birth services, dental care, physical therapy, orthopaedic care and articles and social services.

In case that a student is entitled to the benefits of a third party health  care  provider,  the  student  has  the  right  of  choice between the services provided by the University and the services of the third party. If a student decides on third party care, all expenses will be reclaimed from his/her provider. However, if the student’s health care provider may only cover part of these expenses, (e.g. only a percentage of hospitalization costs), the University  will  supplement  the  student’s  costs  to  their  full extent.

For students who decide to suspend their studies, medical and health care benefits are accordingly suspended. The benefits reinstated once they re‐matriculate and resume their studies, subject to the 6‐year limitation.