Students are entitled to 50% discount in Public Transportation fares (bus/trolley‐bus, subway, tram and suburban railway) operating in the Metropolitan area of Athens and 25% discount in  the  fares  of  Public  Transportation  in  other  Greek  cities.

Students permanently residing in cities other than Athens are also entitled to a 50% discount in bus and railway fares to and from their city of residence.

The right to reduced student fares is effective immediately upon matriculation  and  up  to  graduation,  or  up  to  a  total  of  6 academic   years,   whichever   comes   first.   The   students   are supplied with a special ID card which they must produce every time they buy a reduced fare ticket. These cards are strictly personal and non‐transferable. If lost, they can be replaced but only following a tedious process which may take a minimum of two months to complete.

For students who decide to suspend their studies, the right to reduced fares is accordingly suspended and the ID cards are returned to the Secretariat of the Department. The benefit is reinstated once they resume their studies, subject to the 6‐year limitation.